We founded Corbus with a straightforward mission: to build a law firm from the client's perspective: specialised, personal, fast and practical services, at competitive and transparant rates.
Our brandname Corbus supports our project: Corbus refers to core business and business law, with a focus on what really matters for our clients.


We for example provide our clients the possibility to opt for a flat fee for handling their legal work. This flat fee could cover a specific project, or day to day legal support during a specific period of time. No extra costs, no seperate billing for a short telephone call, but a transparant and simple legal budget. The advantages of an in-house counsel, but more freely and more flexible, one on one with your specifc legal needs.

In clear and comprehensable language

We want to be the best in offering the solutions that help strenghten our clients' business or organisation. In doing so, we continuously focus on developing and exchanging specialised knowhow to offer our clients legal comfort in all of their business ventures. Corbus aims at being the number one reference in its local market, as reliable legal partner for the entrepeneur and the enterprising institution.
From advice to litigation, in clear and comprehensable language. That is where Corbus tries to make a difference.

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