Passionate about law

Corbus is an acronym of core business and business law. Our passion is law, in particular business law, and our approach is pragmatic and based on achieving solutions.

Our objective is clear: find solutions which really do strengthen your company or organisation. It is a process where we always start out by looking at things from your perspective. We enjoy investing in long-term relationships so that we can be sure what your real priorities are.
Corbus aims at being the number one reference in its local market, as reliable legal partner for the entrepreneur and the enterprising institution.

It goes without saying that our various legal departments, including property law, and labour law, can also handle the legal issues of those outside the business world in economic terms.

Our services range from legal advice to settling disputes, all in clear and comprehensive language. It is where Corbus can make a difference for you.

Open communication and clear agreements

We attach great importance to open communication and clear agreements. The services of a lawyer tend to be tailor-made to a client's needs, where mutual trust and a good cultural fit can be decisive. Please see our information document and our terms and conditions, which contain detailed information on our services and our standard agreements.

Tailored to our clients

We offer our clients alternative fee arrangements. Of course our clients can opt for hourly rates where we offer an optimal blend. Furthermore we give our clients the possibility to opt for a flat fee for handling their legal work. This flat fee could cover a specific project, or day to day legal support during a specific period of time. No extra costs, but a transparent and simple legal budget. The advantages of an in-house counsel, but more freely and more flexible, one on one with your specific legal needs.

SME portfolio

SMEs can use our SME portfolio, and receive a subsidy from the Flemish government for the advice we provide. For example, Corbus can offer you assistance in the start-up of a new activity, the development of a legal structure for your business activities, rolling out a national or international distribution network, property development, or any questions about intellectual property or IT.

Your legal partner in outsourcing

Do you have a unexpected and temporary need for legal support on site or at your company, or would you like to temporary strengthen your legal department? Our experienced lawyers can support you in house so you can continue to focus on your core business.

Save valuable time

Our lawyers can assist you in bridging this period without worries. We can efficiently take over your legal processes or support you in your daily legal activities, in the preparation and/or realization of a specific project, a reorganization or acquisition process, in negotiations with key partners, debtors, in organizing your contract management etc. This allows you to save precious time that you can invest in strengthening your own market position.

Working together with our law firm

Do you consider taking legal outsourcing into consideration? After a meeting and analysis of your organization we can work out a customized offer. Our lawyers will work at a fixed rate and for a certain period at your project. Of course you can count on our discretion and make the best use of our extra legal know-how to the benefit of your company. Our expert lawyers are flexible and, of course, bound by professional secrecy.

For more information about our legal outsourcing services please do not hesitate to contact us so we can have an informal talk.

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