Corbus at e-iure convention in Costa Rica

Corbus participated in the 35th e-iure convention in Jac, Costa Rica.

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Help, ik ben een minderheidsaandeelhouder! Wat zijn mijn rechten?

Het gebeurt vaak dat een minderheidsaandeelhouder zich zorgen maakt over de richting die zijn vennootschap uitgaat, of over n of meerdere beslissingen die worden doorgevoerd.

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Intellectual rights in fashion

The ranges in the clothing market are vast and the competition is strong. Assortments from different suppliers and retailers sometimes show remarkable similarities. The fashion sector is one of the biggest victims of counterfeiting in the non-digital market. Fortunately, clothing designs are more than once susceptible to intellectual property protection, so that the beneficiaries are not left in the cold.

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The new Belgian Code of Companies and Associations

When and how will its new clauses come into effect? And what about the current shareholder agreements?

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Novel foods en CBD: quo vadis?

At European level, consumable products enriched with cannabidiol (CBD) are considered novel foods under the Food Regulation (EC) 2015/2283. In January 2019, the European Commission updated the catalogue of novel foods. Since then, extracts from the cannabis plant (Cannabis sativa L.) and derivatives containing cannabinoids have been considered novel foods.

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Corbus advocaten receives international recognition

Corbus Advocaten and several of its lawyers, amongst which Pieter Buntinx, receive international recognition and are named in the international ranking of ILP Abogados, a well-renowned international law firm with multiple offices in Europe and South-America.

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Corbus at e-iure convention in Vilnius

Last week Corbus participated at the 34th e-iure convention in Vilnius, Lithuania.

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CBD oil: now available at your local pharmacy

CBD-based preparations are now available at Belgian pharmacies

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De gustibus et coloribus... The protectability of non-traditional trademarks

The number of signs which, in the current state of the law, is eligible for protection under trademark law has recently increased considerably. Which types of signs can be registered as a trademark these days? And what are the possibilities for the other types?

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