Family and asset

Expert assistance during exceptional events

Exceptional life-changing events deserve special assistance. In addition, personal relationships and emotions are very important within families. Corbus can help steer you around points of conflict with thorough preparation and proper organisation, and even if disputes do arise, we can assist you expertly and discreetly.  

Complex family relationships

Family relationships are worth protecting, not just for you, but those close to you and future generations. As the complexity of family ties increases, so does the number of areas of conflict or potential conflict. In spite of this, many problems can be easily avoided, which is where our experience and expertise is invaluable. Corbus would be happy to support you through any difficulties, and we always operate discreetly and respectfully.

What services can we offer you?

 We assist you in amicable negotiations, extrajudicial mediation and ligitation on:

Partnerships within or outside of marriage

Marriage agreements and civil partnerships agreements

Divorce and termination of unmarried cohabitation and the financial settlement thereof

Parentage and adoption

Parenting within traditional or modern family structures

The right to personal contact for grandparents and other persons with an emotional bond with the child

Protection of vulnerable adults

Consequences of a decease for the surviving family members

Estate and succession planning and inheritance conflicts

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